15-19 January 2023, Luxor, Egypt

African Currency Forum

We are pleased to announce that after an absence of nearly five years, the African Currency Forum™ (the official event for the Association of African Banknotes and Security Documents Printers, or AABSDP) will take place in Luxor and Cairo from 15-19 January 2023. The last event took place in September 2018 in Victoria falls, Zimbabwe.









The host of the 2023 African Currency Forum™ is the Central Bank of Egypt Printing House (CBE). The conference will be managed by CBE in partnership with secure document, currency and conference specialists Reconnaissance International.

The hosts of the 2023 African Currency Forum™ welcome the participation of African central banks and their printing works, mints, government secure document departments and security printers, as well as established global industry suppliers.

Apart from the members of the AABSDP, the Central Bank of Egypt Printing House will invite delegates from the 42 African central banks and 15 national banks as well as guests from central banks and institutions outside the continent.

It is intended that the African Currency Forum™ 2023 will build on the success of the 2018 event by combining formal business and technical sessions with a number of social events to enable delegates to enjoy the wonderful surroundings and hospitality of Luxor and the New Administrative Capital, and so meet industry colleagues in an informal as well formal atmosphere.

For the final day of the Forum delegates are invited to transfer by charter plane to Cairo to visit the Central Bank of Egypt’s outstanding new printing works and cash centre in the New Administrative Capital. This combined new facility offers delegates the opportunity to see the industry’s latest in technology, design and function. The visit is followed by a celebration dinner.


The Association of African Banknotes and Security Documents Printers (AABSDP)


The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE)

An autonomous regulatory body, assuming the authorities and powers vested therein by Law No. 88 for 2003, and the Presidential Decree No. 65 for 2004.

Reconnaissance International

Leading global source of business intelligence on currency, optical and digital document security, personal identification, authentication and brand protection.


The company endeavors to create a bridge between Switzerland and Egypt thorough its headquarters in Pully and its branch in Cairo.

Promoting Innovation

Drawn from across the whole industry

Over 20 of the world’s most innovative security specialists will showcase their latest developments in an engaging and informative exhibition.

This presents opportunities for global suppliers that want to reach an influential audience of government contacts from African nations in particular. For more details contact Samantha Burns at [email protected]

Embracing Best Practice

To enhance africa’s currency and ID documents

With a programme of presentations and panel discussions, we will be exploring new ways to improve procurement, production and, issue and use.

Experts with an interesting topic, case study or technology are invited to share their experience.

Submit your short abstract to Conference Directors, David Tidmarsh [email protected], or Samantha Burns [email protected]


Dress Code

Business for conference
Business casual for social events, and wear flat shoes as lots of walking island, valley of kings, temple ..

Sunday 15 January

12:00 – 20:00 – Registration Open at Steigenberger Hotel

18:00 – Welcome Reception – Themed event, cocktails, dinner with music and entertainment at the Sonesta Hotel — sponsored by Oberthur Fiduciaire

Monday 16 January

Conference Welcome


Welcome Message

David Tidmarsh

Reconnaissance International (UK)

Fadi Saadallah

Philopateer (Switzerland)


Keynote 1

Khaled Farouk

Central Bank of Egypt (Egypt)


Keynote 2

Mohamed Amer

Central Bank of Egypt (Egypt)


Overview of Currency Developments from 2018 to 2022 in Africa

Astrid Mitchell

Currency News (UK)

10:15 – Q&A

10:30 – Opening of the Exhibition and Coffee Break

Session 1 : Secure Technology and Banknote Developments (with Sustainability)


The Right Choice?

Tod Niedeck

Crane (USA)


Securing Paper Banknote -Durable, Natural, Sustainable

Christophe Montet

Oberthur Fiduciaire (France)

Guillaume Chapeau

Oberthur Fiduciaire


Banknote Substrate Performance and its Implications on Sustainability

Dr Daniel Schwarzbach

Orell Fussli (Switzerland)


Sustainability – Responsibility and Design

Richard Perera

Landqart (Switzerland)

12:35 – Q&A

12:50 – Lunch

Session 2: Developments in Diffractive Technologies


KINEGRAM Security Features from Kurz – The Clearest and Most Intuitive Mark of the Genuine Banknote

Ian Smith

Leonhard KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG (Germany)


KolourOptik®: Security Feature Innovation through Art & Science

Neal Skura

META Materials (Canada)


Shaping the Light to Secure Your Banknote

Alexandre Noizet

SURYS (France)


Black hole in a DOVID

Robert Dvorak

IQ Structures (Czech Republic)


Explore the spirit of Gizeh

Jan Hofmann

Hueck Folien (Austria)

15:30 – Q&A

15:45 – Coffee Break and Exhibition

15:45 – AABSDP meeting

19:15 – Dinner on Amira Island by Boats Leaving from the Sonesta Hotel – sponsored by Landqart

Tuesday 17 January

Session 3: Banknote Technology and Machinery Update


A Unique Solutions Provider to Banknote Production

Jonas Baumann

Koenig & Bauer (Switzerland)

Ana Laura Aranda

Koenig & Bauer (Switzerland)


Steel Plates for Intaglio Printing

Barna Barabas

JURA (Hungary)


Banknote Production Data Analysis

Paolo Salgari

PARVIS (Italy)


Komori In Africa – A Rising Sun?

Phil Holland

Komori Corporation (Japan)


Future of Sequential Numbering

Thorsten Tritschler

ZEISER (Germany)

10:40 – Q&A

10:55 – Coffee Break, Exhibition and Snacks

12:00 – Valley of the Kings and Queens – Buses leave Steigenberger at 12.00. Return from Valley of Kings by 4 large boats. Nile Cruise and Food Return to hotel – sponsored by De La Rue

20:00 – Dinner in Steigenberger sponsored by De La Rue

Wednesday 18 January

Session 4: Banknotes: Trending Towards Sustainability?


Towards a More Secure , Efficient and Sustainable Cash Cycle

Zeina Abdo

SICPA (Switzerland)

Joe Saliba

SICPA (Switzerland)


Banknotes of the Future

Alan Newman

De La Rue (UK)


The Magic Triangle: Banknote Solutions Must be Sustainable

Andrew Forbes

Louisenthal (Germany)


SUSTAINABILITY Advantages of Polymer Banknotes

Lachlan McDonald

CCL Secure (Australia)


SHIELD, Protecting Your Banknotes to the African Climate(s)

Gerben van Wijk, Gerben van Wijk

Luminescence Sun Chemical, International Tax Stamp Association (UK, UK)

10:40 – Q&A

10:55 – Coffee and Exhibition

Session 5: Banknote Printing in Africa – Case Studies and Benchmarking


Modernisation of Production Tool

Ahmed Lemrhabbar

Bank al Maghrib Dar As-Sikkah (Morocco)


Using Digitisation to Enhance Substrate Specification Towards Improved Print Performance

Dr. Ashvir Narrandes

South African Banknote Company (South Africa)


Sustainability in Currency Production and Waste Management

Ahmed Halilu

Nigerian Security Printing and Minting Plc (Nigeria)

12:25 – Q&A

13:20 – Lunch

Session 6: Cash or CBDC’s or Both


Innovations and Solutions With an Outlook on CBDC

Dieter Sauter

Bundesdruckerei (Germany)


Cash and CBDC

Anas El-Mahdi

Giesecke + Devrient (Germany)

15:10 – Q&A

15:15 – Coffee Break and Exhibition

Session 7: Sustainability – The Challenge and Opportunities for the Cash Industry

15:25 – Panel Discussion

  • Jeroen Kusters, Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering
  • Ahmed Halilu, Nigerian Security Printing and Minting
  • Etienne Couëlle, Oberthur Fiduciaire
  • Alexandra Peppmeier, Giesecke + Devrient

16:45 – AABSDP meeting

18:45 – Gala Dinner @ Karnak Temple – Coaches leave Steigenberger at 18:45 sponsored by Crane Currency

Thursday 19 January

Visit to New Print Works, Vault and Cash Centre followed by Celebration Dinner

Charter flight to New Cairo Airport sponsored by Koenig & Bauer and Giesecke+Devrient

6:00 Onwards meet in Hotel Lobby

06:30 – 07:00 Leave Hotel Lobby for Airport

07:00 – 08:00 Boarding

08:00 – 09:30 Flight to New Capital Airport

09:30 – 10:15 Transfer to the St. Regis Hotel

10.15 – 11:00 Cocktail Reception in the Conference Centre

11:00 – 12:00 G+D Presentation

12:00 – Room Check in and Buffet Available in Restaurant

12:00 – 15.00 –Delegates will be split into 10 groups, leaving every 20 minutes to the Banknote Printing House and Cash Centre. Meanwhile check in and lunch will be served at the hotel before departures or arrivals of designated groups.

Upon Returning From the Tour Everyone Free to use Hotel Facilities.

19:30 – Drinks Reception

20:00 – Celebration Dinner – sponsored by  Giesecke+Devrient
(Special music concert sponsored by Giesecke+Devrient and Delta Trading)

Social Events

Sunday 15 January

Welcome Reception


Themed event, cocktails, with music and entertainment at the Sonesta Hotel.

Monday 16 January

Dinner on Amira Island

Boat to private island from the Sonesta Hotel.

Tuesday 17 January

Trip to the Valley of the Kings and Queens

Nile Boat Lunch with a trip to the Valley of the Kings and Queens, followed by dinner at the Steigenberger.

Wednesday 18 January

Gala Dinner at the Karnak Temple


Cocktails followed by dinner with music and entertainment.

Thursday 19 January

06.00 Charter flight to New Cairo Airport.

Visit to New Print Works, Vault and Cash Centre followed by Celebration Dinner.

All delegates wishing to attend the visit to the New Administrative Capital and the tour of the Central Bank of Egypt’s new Printworks will take a charter flight from Luxor which forms part of the delegate package. There will be a schedule of tours in groups and baggage will be dropped off at the St Regis Hotel, where delegates will stay on the evening of the 19th Jan following the celebration dinner. The room rates will be circulated soon. Shuttle buses will be made available to take delegates from the hotel to Cairo Intl airport on the 20th Jan where flights home should depart.

The event will not finish in Luxor. Places are strictly limited so please reserve your place as soon as possible with [email protected]

Delegate Fees

Admission Item
Central Bank Delegate (first delegate)
AABSDP Member Delegate (first two)
Government Delegate (African)
Government Delegate (outside Africa)
Central Bank Delegate (African)
Central Bank Delegate (outside Africa)
Non-Government Supplier or Other Delegate
Invited Speaker
Supplier Speaker Delegate (non sponsor)
Government Speakers
Social Partners of free delegates
Social partners
Admission Fees


Online booking for the Steigenberger Nile Palace and Sonesta St. George is now closed.
If you still need a room, please contact the Event Team.

VISA Requirements for arrival in Egypt

Before travelling to Egypt, you should first check and see whether you are eligible for a visa on arrival from Egypt or for an Egypt eVisa.

Even though both visa types have the same purpose and both allow you to enter Egypt legally, by applying for an Egypt eVisa you save more time than when you opt for a Visa on Arrival, which means you will make the most out of your time in Egypt.

You can apply for the Visa here – https://visa2egypt.gov.eg/

Visa on Arrival

Once you land, you need to go to the visa on arrival window, before getting in the queue at the immigration office. There, you need to pay USD $25.00, and you will be given a visa sticker to attach to your passport.

Keep in mind, however, that when you pay for your Egypt visa on arrival, you need to pay in US dollars. You are not allowed to use any other currency, and it is preferable if you have the exact amount. Credit or debit cards are not accepted.

There will be additional desks set up on arrival in Luxor to ensure a speedy process.

Please check your own country requirements.

Luxor Tours

Dendarah and Abydos

Meeting Nasco Guide who will escort you to Dandara which is situated at the north of Luxor, it is far from Luxor 85 Km. In Dandara you shall visit the beautiful temple of the goddess of beauty has a massive stone roof, underground passages and a magnificent rare relief of Queen Cleopatra IV and her son caesarion. The Temple of Hathor, it was known as the ‘Castle of the Sistrum’ or ‘Pr Hathor’ – House of Hathor. Then continue to Abydos city, it is far 135 km from Luxor. There you will visit Abydos temple where the ancient Egyptian believed of god (Lord of the underworld) to be buried there.

The temple was built by King Seti I, and completed by King Ramsess II, known as temple of Seti I. The paintings of the gods and Pharaohs on the walls of the Osiris Temple at Abydos are among the most beautifully preserved in Egypt. Getting to these sites you will pass by local villages and majestic sceneries for the River Nile and the fields. They are as enjoyable as visiting the temples themselves. After finishing your tour drive back to Luxor Then back to the hotel.

Balloon Tour

A Hot Air Balloon ride in the early morning is one of the most breathtaking ways to see Luxor. The sunrise view you’ll catch while floating up in the clouds is really worth waking up early, the way the sun hits the magnificient temples and lights up the green of the Nile banks is a sight you will never forget. Wake up in the early morning and be ready at the lobby at 5.00 AM, departing from your hotel you will cross the Nile River to the West Bank before sunrise where your balloon await. Enjoy the tranquility of the early morning sun rising over the East Bank with its famous temples Karnak and Luxor temple.

The breathtaking Temple of Karnak with its unique Hypostyle Hall, Sacred Lake and Avenue of the Sphinxes. The ballon will take you Luxor Temple complex. Here, you will find a collection of simply breathtaking statues, obelisks, and temples that date back to the 14th century BC.  Your balloon is completing riding to the West bank, here the Valley of the Kings with the remarkable tombs of Egypt’s ancient kings, their families and other Egyptian nobility. After this early tour you will return back to your hotel.

The East bank:

Karnak Temple

Meeting Nasco Guide who will escort you to the breathtaking temple of Karnak with its unique Hypostyle Hall, Sacred Lake and Avenue of the Sphinxes. Then back to the hotel.


Karnak Visit
Balloon Ride
East Bank (Karnak and Luxor Temple)
Dendarah Abydos
Mummification museum and Luxor Museum
Prices per person

Inclusions (vehicle – guide – entrance fees)

For other inquiries you can contact the Nasco tours team via the following contact details:

Asmaa Khaled

Business Development Executive

M: +201065544967  | P: +2034870050                       

E: [email protected]


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