Call for Papers

The Printing House of the Central Bank of Egypt, on behalf of the AABSDP, is inviting presentation proposals for the African Currency Forum in January 2023.

The African Currency Forum 2023 will explore new ways to increase the security and durability of banknotes and other secure documents as well maximising their cost efficiency through good design and efficient production, circulation, and use. Some sample topics are below:

  • The balance between design, security and printability
  • Cost/benefit analysis methods for selecting anti-counterfeiting features
  • Specifying banknotes
  • Sustainability in the cash cycle
  • Improving banknote circulation life
  • Developing a new series of banknotes
  • Banknote substrates – paper, varnish, polymer and hybrids
  • Cash handling
  • Responding to alternative payment systems
  • Supply chain – production and quality control

How to Submit Your Abstract

If you are interested in contributing to the programme, you are invited to submit a short abstract to David Tidmarsh ([email protected]) or Samantha Burns ([email protected]) as soon as possible.

Submissions will close 30 November 2022