The question of which substrate to choose when considering upgrading or launching a new series has eluded Currency Directors for years. All issuing authorities are searching for the best balance between durability, security, costs and – last but not least – sustainability. Increasing the lifespan of the banknotes in circulation is crucial. However, it is not easy to get impartial information on the factors that influence the lifespan of a banknote.
As an independent printer with no obligations for a substrate provider, OFS has established unbiased scientific data on the performance of different substrates in a truly objective manner. Neutral data is also demanded by customers, driven by a growing diversity of substrates in the market. All this led OFS to conduct an independent study on comparative banknote substrate durability.

In the study, mechanical wear, as well as soiling of the substrate, was simulated and compared. Conclusions will be drawn on the substrate performance as well as the implications on overall sustainability