With a history dating back more than 250 years, we are particularly committed to serving the interests of government, citizens and society.

As a government-owned security company, we bear special responsibility.
In international banknote business, Bundesdruckerei is also a trusted and innovative partner for governments and central banks worldwide.

With secure identities, secure data management and secure infrastructures, we create trust in the analog and digital world.

In this way, we are doing much to ensure that governments, private companies and citizens
can act with confidence on the road to secure digitalization.

Bundesdruckerei use their services and technologies to protect digital identities, sensitive data and infrastructures. As a government IT security company, we assume social responsibility and are particularly committed to Germany’s digital sovereignty.
From e-government, digital health, security infrastructure and high-security industrial monitoring. Bundesdruckerei has arrived in the 21st century and acts as a state-owned company not only for German needs.

For example, Bundesdruckerei secures the communications of the German armed forces. Implements e-government in German ministries. It built the infrastructure for doctors and institutions to count Corona infections and encoded shopping receipts to track German tax authorities.

A particular example of innovation is the creation of digital identities, the eID. Access is already available to about 70 million Germans (out of a total population of 84 million). This can be merged with the newly created citizen wallet, along with driver’s license and health insurance card.

Bundesdruckerei has thus demonstrated its capabilities in the areas of digital IDs, quantum cryptography and trust centers.
These are also the cornerstones for CBDC. Because Bundesdruckerei’s innovative strength is also convincing in this field, positioning it as a solution provider in the market environment.

Bundesdruckerei is your trusted partner on the subject of value printing and also for the future, in CBDC.