Meta Materials Inc. (META®) designs and manufactures high-performance functional
materials and nanocomposites that offer unique properties that go beyond classical physics
such as diffraction or micro-lens effects. The award-winning KolourOptik® technology is the
first commercial application of metamaterials in the banknote authentication industry and
provides a platform for a new class of optically variable device security features that are
based in nanotechnology.
In this talk, we will explore the combination of art and science behind this leading-edge
innovation that delivers visually stunning, technologically advanced, and near impossibleto-
replicate optically variable security devices. Founded in the science of nano-optic
display technology and nanofabrication techniques, KolourOptik® delivers unique visual
effects that combine multi-directional movement, always on 3D stereo-depth, and a
multiplicity of colors and design options all from a single layer of metallic nanostructured
pixels, without the need for inks, dyes, or lenses. These effects enable artists and designers
with an entirely new portfolio of tools to tell increasingly meaningful and complex stories in
the banknote medium.
Learn how this innovative technology can equip central bank and issuing authority
banknote security designers with an unprecedented ability to honour traditional banknote
design guidelines, enhance the storytelling capability, and provide the strongest optical
anti-counterfeit measure for years to come.