In line with today’s latest technologies Jura and OeBS together announced the latest development of the Direct Laser Engraved Steel Plates for Intaglio Printing. The new material and printing process meets the highest expectations of Intaglio Printing, the platemaking is sustainable and environment friendly process.
The whole development started with a very accurate set of tests such as: material selection, laser engraving, post-processing & PVD coating, and much more.
The new S- DLE® (Steel Direct Laser Engraving) engraved plates are already in production with very positive feedback, the plates were coated with PVD chroming, and during production there was no plate elongation, which was one of their biggest fears. The steel plate post-process is the same, there is no need to change the plate production or the banknote production itself.
S-DLE® – Steel Digital Laser Engraving – is an engraving technic providing full 3D control over the engraving process including asymmetric line-profiling, multi-level engraving, and precise control of fine-line microtext. The calibration and checks are fully automated including the measuring of the plate thickness, laser power, focus, and field correction.
This is the third generation of lasers that the S-DLE is using. We started in 2005 with Nano second, since 2012 Pico second laser had been the standard technology, and then, in 2019 Femtosecond laser (ultrashort laser pulses) which allows engraving in different materials.
In the presentation we will present the process itself, the lessons learned and the production results.