This paper reviews recent publications on sustainability and how it is shaping our world. Recent global reports show that sustainability is now critical in every industry and is becoming a key factor across several spheres of business such as financing, operations, brand reputation, going concern of organizations, legal frameworks etc. The 2022 UN report on the SDG goals 11 and 12 shows strong correlation with globalization, health, social and economic aspects of life.
The 2022 concluded UNFCCC COP27 in Egypt witnessed the historic climate deal on establishing fund to save lives and livelihoods impacted from disasters due to climate change. Furthermore, the 1.5oC threshold for global climate change was still maintained indicating strong commitment to sustainability.
The goal of the paper is to deliver key highlights of sustainability and the role of the currency industry in ensuring the collective global success on sustainability.
Information presented in this paper were obtained from publicly available sources with the aim of highlighting the key messages of sustainability and to show that every player in the currency industry has an active role to play.
It is my hope that this paper gives an awakening call on this global concern of sustainability.